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Richard H. Lampert

Richard H. Lampert

About three years ago, I was in my late 60’s and felt like it. I took long walks, but I wasn’t very steady on my feet. I did resistance exercises on a couple of pieces of equipment, but whenever I tried to build up my strength, I’d throw out my back or wrench a shoulder. And picking up something from the floor was a multi-step process. I should do something about this, I thought.

Around that time, I started to see Derrick Johnson, the operator of SoLi Fitness, at McMichael Park events. He was hard to miss, because whenever we needed to move a big fallen branch, he was the go-to person. Derrick brought some business cards for SoLi Fitness to a meeting of Friends of McMichael Park, and I picked one up. After a couple of weeks, I gave him a call, explained my situation, and asked if he’d work with someone like me.

He responded by meeting with me for a full hour, talking about my goals and asking me to try some simple exercises I hadn’t seen before. (I couldn’t do most of the exercises.) I was impressed by his patience and …
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Neil S

“Derrick is a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer, and is brilliant to chat with during the sessions. I’ve made real progress with Derrick and have noticed my body shape changing for the better towards a leaner, stronger physique which is a real confidence boost.” …
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Deborah T

“In the slightly-more-than-a-year that I’ve been working out with Derrick I’ve become stronger and more agile, have noticeably improved my balance, and have become acquainted with muscles that I frankly was only dimly aware of. For more context, I’m old enough to collect Social Security. Derrick is patient, knowledgeable, and unerringly encouraging, and we both marvel at my progress. Working out with Derrick is one of the best decisions I’ve …
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Solomon D.

“I’ve been working out with Derrick for 2+ years, and I’m all the better for it. Derrick helped me become accountable after a period of being sedentary. He’s motivating and knows how to get the best from you without overdoing it. He is creative with changing up the workouts as you progress. He is a partner and genuinely invested/excited to help you achieve your goals. The transition from in-person to …
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