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Greg A

“Derrick Johnson is a superb personal trainer! While working with Derrick I lost weight and gained strength, stamina, energy and confidence. I had been taking statin for several years due to high cholesterol. After working with Derrick my cholesterol levels improved dramatically and my doctor was able to take me off the medication. He challenged me to do things I never thought possible. This middle aged man had never been …
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Carlies Bonds

(Area Fitness Manager PSC) “Where to start?? Derrick is by far one of the best trainers I have had the opportunity to work for me, and I was truly sad to see him go when he resigned from Philadelphia Sports Clubs! Derrick, was one of my most dependable and reliable trainers. I could always count on him, to meet with prospective clients or paid clients, on time and with a …
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Kate D

“I loved working out with Derrick! He challenged me plenty, but he designed workouts specifically for me, so we always went at a pace I could handle. When I started with Derrick I literally couldn’t do a single push-up. I started with knees down, little by little Derrick would encourage me to add in more and more full pushups. Eventually I was doing 50-60 real pushups in a workout session …
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