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What My Clients Are Saying

Rich M

“I had never worked with a personal trainer before, and had a lot of preconceived notions. I thought a personal trainer would either be a Marine drill sergeant or a cheerleader, or some combination of the two, and neither sounded particularly appealing. But that’s not what working with Derrick is like at all. He really took the time to know me as a person, and understand what I wanted to …
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Stephen D

“With the start of the New Year and a new career I wanted to make some positive changes in my life. I am extremely fortunate that I found you. Not only did you give me the kick start that I needed, you inspired a desire to aggressively pursue a workout regimen and healthy eating habits. You were always enthusiastic, motivating and engaging. You pushed me beyond my limit without pushing …
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David H S

“Over the course of several years I worked with Derrick Johnson to help build up my core strength and overall fitness. During that period he also helped me get through a dark year of surgery and chemotherapy following a cancer diagnosis. In my work I often spend eight or more hours a day at the computer. I have also had life-long issues with neck and back pain from a childhood …
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